Die less. Pwn more.

Are you only just starting out in the virtual sky, and getting blown out of it more than you would like? Or have you grown tired of being at the wrong end of a conga line, with no real hope of improving beyond being an easy target in the never-ending furball? Come join the Wolfpack and we will show you how to improve by leaps and bounds, how to gain a solid sense of security and a rock-steady confidence in your skills.

Knowledge is power.

Power is speed. Speed is altitude. Altitude is life. Fighting on the deck isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. 56th FG offers a comprehensive training programme for beginner and intermediate pilots, from Basic Flight to Advanced Combat Manouevres and formation combat. Start out by studying the material every Wolfpack pilot knows by heart, and click the Join Us link above.Individual Pilot Skills

Required reading for 56th FG (v) personnel:

Individual Pilot Skills -

Element and Flight Practice

Squadron and Group Procedures